Transformation consulting in the Ministry of Education in Palestine

In partnership with ICON Institute YMI provides consulting services to the Ministry of Education (MoE) to transform the whole ministry from a donor-driven to a ministry-driven organization. This has implied to shift deeply-internalized practices and values, and transform relationships between MoE and outside stakeholders: the donor community, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning, and the State and Administrative Control Bureau. Internally, YMI has helped to build a new governance structure and in shifting the behaviors of managers and their teams to assume more leadership over national priorities.

After 16 months of engagement, three major impacts have been achieved: first, the MoE has taken on more power and responsibility from the donors over determining and funding educational priorities. Second, ministry teams are now working on the whole education sector as opposed to unrelated and imposed single donor projects. And finally, the MoE has been hailed as a role model for the whole Palestinian Authority to undergo a similar transformation.

Transformation consulting

Urging challenges

Our organizations are exposed to growing pressures and expectations that urge us to respond effectively. Competitive market forces, political power shifts, environmental demands and staff dissatisfaction are but a few examples of these inter-related challenges.

In-depth analysis

We firmly believe that problem-definition and solution-process for complex challenges cannot be outsourced, but must be dealt within the organization. Thus, we begin by immersing ourselves into the reality together with the client to identify untapped potential and leverage points. We help the client to map and synthesize the internal and external systemic realities, define major obstacles and bottlenecks. We advise on possible interventions to unlock habits and practices and unleash the energy necessary to achieve ambitious goals.

Performing process

As needed, we use executive coaching, team seminars or even leadership training to complement consulting. This blended approach results in increased business performance, more efficient public service provision and transformed academic institutions. We have been successfully advising business executives and representatives of public agencies as well as theatre directors and managers of educational institutions.

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