Coaching the CEO of a fast-growing international company

This CEO approached Y-Motions with the need to strengthen her leadership skills to reach out more broadly and increase the impact on her work, in France and in Asia.

One of the first milestone of the coaching was to clarify and focus on her own purpose; the second was to mobilize her team around this renewed vision; the third was to discover that clients and also suppliers were strongly mobilized by this powerful sense of purpose.

Furthermore, she developed a stronger ownership on the essentials of her company, while being able to let others take responsibility for the rest.

At the end of one-year coaching, she explained that its main outcome was that “she became more of herself”.

Executive Coaching

Updating personal and relational software

YMI’s executive coaching aims for both quick operational results and long-lasting behavioral changes. The purpose of coaching is for the coachee to develop new individual and team practices, habits, sometimes even values, in order to dramatically change relational software and increase well-being and performance.

We work with executives for 5 to 15 sessions of 1 to 2 hours on specific objectives that they identify from the beginning. We equip you with the YMI toolbox, so that you focus on the deepest underlying issues of your challenges. By tying the personal and the collective challenges together we help you find the most effective leverage points to unleash new habits and new energies, for yourself and your organization.

Individual and team coaching

Our approach is highly systemic, even when we work with one person. We help you deal with personal and collective challenges. Y-Motions tools are empowering and our coachees usually unleash the leadership of other team members.

In some cases, our clients prefer that we work with a group of managers. The format can be either a seminar (see here for this type of service), or team coaching. With 3 to 10 sessions of 1,5 to 3 hours, we work on objectives agreed early on with the team itself.

Online coaching

For coachees far from our own countries we work with two main options:
– video conference: it works along the same principles as described above (individual coaching only)
– on-site coaching: with at least a week of full immersion as a shadow of an executive, and with some key interviews of his/her team, we help you get to a new level of leadership. A few follow-up video conferences help consolidate these initial sessions.

We coach CEOs of startup companies and executives from bigger corporations in 7 different languages.

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