Developing Cosmopolitan Leadership at the Austrian School of Management

In 2009, the initial demand of the Upper Austrian School of Management was a seminar to integrate incoming BA and MBA students coming from all over Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

YMI designed a highly interactive 3-day course called ‘Cosmopolitan Leadership in a Complex World’. The purpose of the course is to equip students with practical leadership tools for a professional life in a multicultural setting. By examining their own assumptions and beliefs, confronting their differences on practical questions, students emerge from the class with more agility to solve complex problems with people from varying backgrounds.

The course has received praise from participating students and the Austrian media,  triggering demand from other national and international universities.

Training and curriculum development

Leading meaningful transformations

Our training themes range from communication to leadership, through project management and conflict resolution. The participants to our training become more effective catalysts for change, thanks to the toolkit they acquire, and thanks to the experience they go through. The training’s driving purpose is the potential for change that participants will find outside of the training room.

Developing new skills

The training room acts as a mirror of the wider reality: as a participant you are invited to have a deep and honest look into yourself and your own groups. The emergence of complex challenges, competing skill sets and contradictory purposes provide material for you to develop new attitudes and stronger inner drive.

We start by creating a safe space necessary for the participants to surface some problematic realities, within the wider system, and within themselves. The experiential nature of training makes it a profound experience for the participants. You will discover personal blind spots, develop innovative thinking and improve your leadership skills.

Proven methodologies

We have been training students and executives around the world for the last 15 years. We also have been developing curricula in institutions such as ESSEC Business School, Ecole Centrale Paris, Ecole Centrale Casablanca, Austrian School of Management and Bir-Zeit University in Palestine.

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