Balanced leadership

   takes care of the ship

                and of the leader

TV and radio

● Initiatives et Changement France, Luc Roullet facilitating a debate with former Prime Ministers of Australia and France, Michel Rocard and Kevin Rudd : « When truth sets us free and brings relief », 2012

RFI Espanol : Andreas-Sami Prauhart interviewed about the Middle East turmoil, 2011

BBC World News : Andreas-Sami Prauhart debating the role of Barack Obama in the Middle East, in the Doha Debates, 2010

Print and web

● Palestine : In Statu Innovandi : article co-authored by Andreas-Sami Prauhart on the nascent innovation ecosystem in Palestine presented at and published by the Conference on Management in Vilnius, Lithuania, 2012

● Développement: vous avez dit autonomie ? : by Luc Roullet in n’GO magazine, 2012

● Leadership-Seminar mit Top-Vortragendem und Kosmopolit Andreas Sami Prauhart an der Fakultät für Management Steyr begeistert StudentInnen: Article about Cosmopolitan Leadership teaching in Austria, in OOE Bezirksblicke, 2012

● Taking Risks for Changing Times, Luc Roullet keynote address at Warsaw Conference of the European Directors of School of Public Administration, 2011

● The Art of the Resilient Long View : article co-authored by Andreas-Sami Prauhart in ‘This Week in Palestine’, 2009

● Teaching with emerging experience : article co-authored by Luc Roullet on leadership pedagogy, 2009

● The Deceptive Logic of Peaceonomics, a critical perspective on Palestinian politics and the role of the international community by Andreas-Sami Prauhart, 2008

● Capitalocracy and democracy: Europe, China, and the United States by Luc Roullet in Harvard Kennedy School Review, 2006