Balanced leadership

   takes care of the ship

                and of the leader

Leadership inside-out

Y-Motions International addresses your needs for more effective leadership and management to succeed in your transformations. With our cutting-edge tools of transformation consulting and leadership development we help your organization unleash and mobilize your potentials for success.

Mobilize your teams and beyond

Our YMI toolbox helps you strengthen your managerial competencies within teams. Beyond team boundaries our tools make you more effective at mobilizing for success your peers, your own managers, your Board, and also your clients, suppliers and various stakeholders.

Our methodology

We use the adaptive leadership approach developed at Harvard University and our experience spanning across 4 continents to help executives across sectors: business, public sector, education and nonprofit. Our tools are practical, discursive and interactive: they unleash your organization’s potential to reach new understanding and solutions. We help you surface and diagnose diverging interests, hidden issues, and power relations, which often prevent more effective action. YMI helps you switch rapidly from reflection to action.

Working internationally

Finetuned by our experience around the world, our tools tap into the core of common human needs and motivations. We adapt them to different national and organizational cultures. We work in English, Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Tagalog (Filipino).