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  1. Peter says:

    Many people may not noticed the recent death of economist James M. Buchanan. Though few may know this name, almost everybody know his work as a creator of political cynicism. This term includes the theory that politicians are parasiting or stoking on the state and society itself and bend the laws for their and their patrons. But let us go in order.
    First he differd the population of a state to four groups: Politicians, Lobbyists, Officials and Voters. While Voters pays all the taxes, he his the most dire threath to the other three groups, though in elections he is highly limited. He also blamed the politicians for the creation of “public debt” spended on private companies of the lobbyists. That is just a very brief description of his life work. I recommend anyone interested to find his publications and study it. It may give you valuable insights of political decisions.
    For me as a inhabitant of post- communist state, political cynicism is everyday reality. I don’t even differ the election outcomes on the victory of a party or parties, instead on victory of lobby A or lobby B. If you watch the news in my country (Slovakia) for let’s say a year, you could be 100% sure that parties M, N and O are controlled by lobby A and parties X, Y and Z by lobby B. Some statements from the news to support my statements. These vere all in the news, though it may be hard to find them now. Example one: Ex-minister of Finance was photographed during his vacation in Monako on a yacht which belongs to a lobby group with the CEOs of the group. Or the more recent example two: The president refused to name legally elected general attorney, which is a violation to the constitution. However he argues, that it is not a violation to the constitution, because it violates it only in two paragraphs. I could go on, but i believe you got the idea.
    Pardon me for digression from the main topic to problems in my country. I just wanted to show you why I am a supporter of political cynicism. I do not posses much knowledge of the problems in another countries. I just think political cynicism can make a good discussion topic, with personal attitudes, examples, counterproposals,…
    Thank you for given space. I hope this topic will be appreciated

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