Obama’s leadership decoded

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These 3 videos and 70 pictures show you Barack Hussein Obama in a nutshell:

– Video 1: Obama’s breakout moment at the 2004 Democratic Party National Convention
– Video 2: Michelle Obama’s speech about her husband president at the 2012 Democratic Party National Convention
– Video 3: 2012 Obama Victory Speech
– 70 pictures of “No-Drama Obama

Barack Hussein Obama is an extraordinary showcase for 3 leadership approaches that we promote at Y-Motions International:

Authentic leadership, very well promoted by Bill George. Where leadership boils down to: be fully yourself, pursue your purpose and inspire! Read “Dreams from my father” – written by Obama in his thirties – to realize how this young man succeeded in finding himself in the maze of his life and his ancestors.

Adaptive leadership, as developed by Ronald Heifetz. Where leadership boils down to: help a group face its problematic realities, and then cherish and promote the old habits, practices and values that will promote development, and discard those that now stand in the way of progress. This demanding type of leadership does not happen in an instant: deep change requires time to orchestrate dialogues amongst stakeholders, time for decision and also time to help the group deal with necessary losses.

YMI leadership approach: it integrates the 2 previous approaches and adds 2 more focuses to generate more collective power:

1. focus on the quality of relationships – with yourself and with others: you need to be well in touch with yourself: with your own thoughts, blindspots, emotions, and even your physical sensations. Relationship to others: in addition to carefully listen to others, listen to the relationships and to what these relationships need. By increasing the quality of relationships, experience shows that you dramatically increase creativity, well-being and results.

2. focus on shared leadership: in front of complex challenges, everyone must exercise leadership. This requires to give the work back to people. And to empower each and everyone with your words, with your  silences and with your actions.

As you watch the videos pay attention to how Obama weaves the “you” and the “I” and the “we”, into a “wider we”. A “wider we” that generates more collective power as it focuses everyone on essential goals. Pay also attention on how Obama stays grounded in what is essential for him, for his family, for his country and for the world.

Enjoy and share with us your thoughts about Obama’s leadership.





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  1. Jianfeng Ge says:

    There is no doubt that Obama has outstanding leader talent. He has accurate judgments towards different situation; he can grab emotions of citizen just in time. He has outstanding speech ability and communication skills which keep pace with the Times. In the 2007-2008 election campaign, his “yes, we can, yes we can” slogan became the carrier of ten million people’ dreams. After he entered White House, Obama gained 72% of total votes, and he claimed to “Remaking America” ambitiously which includes promoting internal reform of medical treatment, stimulating the economy, promising end the war. However the results are disappointing. The medical reform almost ran out of all political capital of the domestic party. Two rounds of “quantitative easing” strategy did not change fatigue of economic recovery power and the situation of has high unemployment rate. The war was still happening. The reasons of the Internal and external situation were still disappointing include all kinds of objective cause for sure. But he is lacking of leadership is one of the factors cannot be ignored.

  2. Andrea says:

    According to Video 2: Michelle Obama’s speech about her husband president at the 2012 Democratic Party National Convention there are a few undeniable leadership qualities to admire about the First Lady. Regardless of your political stance, I think that president Obama is very well supported by Mrs. Obama’s leadership skills and community activism. The speech at the Democratic National Convention has been praised for being subtle and succinctly supporting her husband while using personal anecdotes. Her speech was focused on quality of relationships. Additionaly she is a good communicator and effective communicator i sone of the qualities that leaders should posses. They should know how to relay what they need and want to their employees otherwise there can be issue.

  3. Peter says:

    In my opinion Obama is as good as any other candidate. To sum some facts: Despite receiving about one- third from private donators (millionares, coprorations) he managed to won the election. You can get the idea of republican candidates by reading their election program (a little peek in The Economist October 22nd- 28th 2011). Now allow me do express my attitude. It is a big thing in America to have first black (or afro-american) president in history. Certainly big change after George W. Bush. Thought his first term was rated let’s say as inconsisted, I think it may be said that he did a good job. Honestly I don’t think he is some sort of a demi-god that will make things better with a swing of a magic wand. But he certainly won’t make it any worse, or let us say worst than any other. He do posses some impresive leadership skills, with a lot of charisma (same for his wife Michelle Obama) which can be enough to make people believe in his vision. His family is also a great support to him, mostly due to absence of any scandals. Definetely a plus. But let’s not make or judgment on events which did not yet occured. He must accomplish one major task: to pick the right people into his cabinet. The sign of a good leader is to do as little work as possible, because good leader pich the right people do do it for him. Overall I think that he is a right man on a right spot and even if he will not cure the economy (and dandruff in the hair) he may at least make things a little bit better.
    I would like to end my post with an interesting opinion presented by an american stand up comic Christopher Titus in his show “Neverlution”. I highly recommend that you click the following link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttvt7SUAPfo&list=PLF152CF771E8C1727&index=10
    and wach at least the first twenty (20) minutes of the show. I also recommend you to watch the entire show as it really has a massage. Though not following the topic that much, I hope my post was interesting to you.

  4. Nadya says:

    I think Obama is a brilliant speaker and leader! He managed to address the mass, present himself as one of them, raise emotions and bring hope.
    In my opinion he “sell” himself in a very clever platform. He tries to be close to the people. With the stories he told during his speech he shows an understanding of their problems as well as belonging to the same group. I believe this was the key to get many of the Americans hearts. In a company’s management you see the same practices. Many managers/leaders use story telling as a technique to share the corporate culture among the employees and to create family atmosphere in the office.
    Also for an individualistic society as the Americans it is very important that a man succeed because of hard work and talent. Obama is a great example of the American dream. I am sure many Americans associate themselves with Obama. The full support he has from his family helps build the image of a happy, stable, trustful man with family values, norms and moral. As we just saw few days ago in the news there was a huge scandal because of the unmoral behavior of the American soldiers who were accused of bringing women back to their hotels rooms. This is just an example how important for Americans is to keep face.
    In a conclusion I would say that Obama is a success as a leader in my eyes because he is a man down to the ground, gives a good example and shows engagement.

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