Y-Motions International

Y-Motions International (YMI) addresses your needs for more effective leadership and management in order to succeed in your transformations. With our tools of leadership development and transformation consulting we help your organization unleash and mobilize your potentials for success.

We work in English, Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Latvian and Russian.

Why this blog?

The world is transforming, Y-Motions International is transforming, each partner of YMI is transforming. Probably you and your organization are transforming!

This blog is a place where we share our thoughts about the transformations we observe and lead. 

Luc Roullet will write from a Paris-based cosmopolitan perspective, colored by his life on 4 continents. For his cosmopolitan contribution, the lens of Andreas-Sami Prauhart is colored by his Austrian and Palestinian roots.

Since it is a cosmopolitan blog, you will find posts in various languages. 

In whichever language you prefer, your comments and contributions to this blog will make it alive more than we can do and we hope for vibrant debates! In particular we welcome our clients and students to add their thoughts and enrich the debate.

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Enjoy browsing through the YMI Cosmopolitan Blog and share it with your networks!

Sami and Luc